Donald’s Tweets About Morning Joe’s Co-Host Mika Brzezinski

Mika Brzezinski’s Response

What Do You Think?

I’m leaning towards yes, but that’s just me. I’m hoping this post gets an Andrew Gourlay response because I like to hear his views on our President. I personally find mocking news reporters a bit childish acting as the President. Not a good look. These are the type of comments that take neutral party people like myself and get me to start to ask, “how dumb are you?” My general political views are apathetic. There are so many parties caring about what is going on that they don’t need anymore. I’m not even sure what the President’s responsibilities are and what he actually does on his own. As such, I don’t worry much because – checks and balances, Congress, the House of Representatives, Senate, the FBI, the EPA, the NBA, the EPL, Ronald McDonald, and the Hamburgler. They’ll figure it out.