Fighting With Technology

My tech world has been spun upside down lately. I’ve been using “make your head spin” when people aren’t going to understand what I’m trying to communicate. It’s also is a good way to make what I’m about to say more important. Back to my tech world which has been in a twirl.

Back when hacking was cool.

Security Scare – I was worried that my computer was infected when I got an email from Google saying someone tried to log in to my Gmail account. This put me on a mission to alter passwords and make sure I was up to date on all my patches. It’s alarming to think that I was altering passwords that someone may have had a keystroke log on my system (Evan assured me this isn’t much of a concern). There were no real indications of a breach and I moved from Windows 7 to Windows 10 for extra security. This process was relatively seamless but caused a few new problems. I want to add that the Gmail email was a phishing scam as well.

Outlook -After I moved to Windows 10, Outlook was not indexing my emails properly which was causing issues searching through 3 years of emails (a major hindrance). I had about 3 years  of emails on one PST file and I wanted to back it up to move to Outlook 365. Unfortunately the file was so big (19gb) that I was having a significant problem getting the file to backup properly while I was using the computer. I ended up archiving a few years worth of data to make this more manageable with the hope that the switch over with multiple PST files to upload is easier.

JC’s Laptop – In one of the weirder stories, my dad allowed some random 3rd party to get remote access to his computer (old people…). The guy told him that he needed $100 dollars to install the latest “malware” defense. JC had no idea what was going on, called me, I told him to shut down the computer immediately (having no clue who it was), and next thing he knew he couldn’t boot up. I took his computer and ran defender scans and it came up perfectly clean with no issues whatsoever. He ended up going to a fake Discover card website and inputted his card number and either social or who knows what else. From what I can tell he came out clean but people are getting low nowadays.

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