The 2012 album Night Visions by Imagine Dragons is a top 25 “of all time” album for me. The deluxe version has 16 songs and it’s safe to say that every single one is worth listening to. The hits were Radioactive, It’s Time, Demons, and On Top of the World. The lesser known tracks of Tiptoe, Hear Me, Every Night, and America are dynamite as well. Monster introductory album.

The 2014 Album Smoke and Mirrors was an expected let down. How can you top 16 stellar tracks? I Bet My Life, Gold, and Shots were hits off of it but the secondary tracks weren’t worth listening to. For most bands, 3 hits would be considered a smashing success but for Imagine Dragons the band needed to go back to the drawing board.


This brings us to 2017 and the album Evolve was released last week. Evolve is a dumb name for an album because it’s like the band is making the point that they are evolving, which if you have to make the point, I think it’s missing the point. Nevertheless, tracks have been slowly released for a few weeks now so there were 7 or 8 that were fresh on the market. Pre-released tracks were Whatever it Takes, Believer, and Walking the Wire. Believer made it big and the other two were so-so. The best songs on the current album are I Don’t Know Why and I’ll Make It Up To You. I’ve listened to the rest of the album a few times and it doesn’t blow me away. It’s not bad, but it’s not Night Visions. I can’t quite explain why. It’s just not music that I’m going to actively select on my playlist. Take the song Fool by Fitz and Tantrums and I think they have a better feel for the 2017 music game. Give it a listen and see what you think.

Lesser known Imagine Dragons Song