I upgraded to a server with a “prime” level so I’m hoping the speed will improve. It was only 2 dollars a month more, so I’m going to assume it won’t.

I haven’t been able to post effectively. I start a post, write for a few minutes, then I can it. Without being able to find the time to sit down and write, I can’t hammer out posts in 15 minutes because I’ve done that for so many years and they suck. Problem is, I have too much going on to make this blog happen and I’m disappointing myself.

I’ve been bowling in 2 leagues which pretty much shoots my Monday’s and Wednesday’s (which also happen to be the best TV nights with Better Call Saul and Fargo). I have been trying to do Trivia on Tuesday’s and that kills a night. Thursday is an open night for me but usually I’m so beat from 4 straight days of working that I’m happy to relax and either read or watch TV. When Friday rolls around I’m so excited to get a few days off that I go HAM into Saturday, and then recover all day on Sunday. Toss in a few golf rounds, runs, and bowling and you have my life.

Now you couple that action with a business that is doing more and more and you have a plate that doesn’t allow for blogging. I envy a life where I can wake up at 8am, have a leisurely coffee and breakfast, exercise, then sit down and write on my stupid website. The subtle problem is that this generates 0 income. So instead I have to work a job that pays the bills and the ┬álast time I checked, will never stop coming. Don’t get me wrong, millions of people would die to live this life instead of whatever they are doing, so it’s not like I’m complaining. It’s only this is the same loop over and over again. It’s the rat race of life. And to the people that read this that have a wife and kids, good fucking luck.

Toss in a missed 8 pin in the 10th to go 3-1 last night, my fantasy team losing the last 2 to slip to 8-3 and out of 1st, my DFS Golf hemorrhaging money, the losing poker session at the SugarHouse, my hurt ankle to prevent me from beating Sam in the 5k, and you feel my further frustration.