I’ve been looking at moving rnningfool.com to a dedicated server to speed it up. I know it’s like a turtle with all of the gifs I put on. Only little problem is it moves the annual expense of about $150, to nearly $1,000. I’ve never run ads on the site (except that one time Gapinski clicked on the same ad 20 times and got me banned from AdSense) and I don’t intend to. I’d also never ask people for money. I’m only writing this post so people know I’m struggling to make this decision. As much as I want to make the site as best as I possibly can, the benefits of a speedier site have little pay off to me personally.

All that being said, I’ve been extremely busy at work and haven’t had my usual breaks to post like I prefer to. I’m not sure how many people actually check this site on a multiple times a day basis, but know that I do my best to update as much as I can even if the post is filler like this. Also please comment and tell me the site is extremely slow as that may sway my decision. Enjoy the video below.