I would love to write more about each topic but I’m pressed for time. Here are a few thoughts on topical events:

  • Super Team – I’m back on forth on the NBA Finals and what’s happening. On one side you have a team that hasn’t lost a game in the playoffs laying pipe in their own stadium. The one dimensional, click bait, dipshits start posting headlines like “Can the Cavs Win a Game?” or “Is KD the Best Player in the League?” Hold on one second. The Cavs got blown out by 15 and 33 last year and the same people start chirping. They won game 3 by 30 and ended up winning in 7. Does this feel a little different because of KD? Maybe a little, but cool your jets. If the Warriors win by double digits in Cleveland, I’ll write about the idea of  a super team, both good and bad, but we’re not there yet.
  • Kathy Griffin – This is the news that I can’t stand. It’s not news. Let this idiot chop off the President’s head. Stop paying attention to her and she’ll go away. It’s like she sits down and says, “this is easily the best idea I have to show my disapproval of what is being carried out.” It’s another turkey who instead of making good happen, they spew their bad after bad.
  • Snaking Back Monday – I finally got to a topic worth commenting on. We are playing tonight for the finals for thousands of dollars. I don’t know the actual breakdown because the league isn’t as transparent as it should be, but I know winning is the move. Money is nice but the reputation of champion is better. It’s what we’ve been playing for from the beginning and I’m sure I’ll post after it’s over.