James Mercer of the Shins

While driving in the car yesterday I heard a song on the Sirius Station XMU covered by the Shins. I started listening to XMU because my main stations, AltNation and the Spectrum, have grown tired to me. Aside from Advanced Placement on AltNation, I’m 3-4 weeks ahead of all the music they routinely rotate. Spectrum has a wider range but it’s rare that I hear songs I don’t recognize. XMU is a more indie station and even though I don’t like all the music, at least it’s new. Anyway, I heard Here, There And Everywhere which is a Beatles song covered by James Mercer of the Shins and thought it was awesome. I tried to find this song on Youtube but it was performed in the Sirius radio studios and only they have access to it.  Give it a listen as a lesser known Beatles track off of Revolver.

I probably wouldn’t be making this post if I didn’t already hear the Shins cover Panic by The Smiths. You can find it on Spotify but it’s not on YouTube so your going to have to do some active searching on your part if you want to hear it. Here’s the original song which I’m sure you’ve never heard.

In terms of music, I know I don’t listen to the same music most people do. This post though outlines 3 of my favorite bands to listen to. The Shins, The Smiths, and The Beatles. Apparently to be liked by me you have to be The “…”. The Beatles and Smiths are no longer producing music so it’s cool to me to have another band I like covering their music. James Mercer and the Shins deserve a lot of credit for the release of Heartworms which was released this year. After 5 years of taking time off, The Shins started where they left off. Give the 11 tracks a listen and I believe you’ll agree.