If you saw my last post and got to the end, you’d see a sweet green backdrop, white title, and black text against it. High end shit. Moving forward I’m going to be using the Avada editor to build posts and you’ll see more sweet shit. My next step will be getting this site to its own dedicated server. The speed is unbearable for me and this can be improved by getting off of a HostMonster server filled with thousands of other shitheads. It will cost me a few more bucks but it’ll be worth it. With all of these fantastic steps forward, I wanted to bring back the very first post I ever wrote back in 2008. I’ll comment on it further in a subsequent post but all I can say is myself at 25 was pretty annoyed with life, an alcoholic, and gambled over his head. Some things haven’t changed.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Life Rant

First and last post.

Let’s starts with the small stuff that bothers me the most.

The songs on the radio give me a migraine. Currently I had “So What”, “Paper Planes”, “One step at a time”, and anything else that gets played hundreds of times a day. The only good stations are lucy and ethel with a mix of deep tracks. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then get out of the stone age and buy Sirius/Xm. You are doing a disservice to your life by letting the radio brainwash you with their ads.

I find it funny people compare Pandora as a substitue to Satelite radio. After 2 hours of listening to a particular artists, you’ve exhausted 75% of the songs. I pick Paul Simon and I get Carly Simon. Plus it only gives you a certain amount of skips which only pisses off the listener.

So the radio bothers me in my car but of course driving is a whole other issue. Whenever I drive down manayunk ave I get stuck behind a septa bus. They are so wide and make driving hazardous plus they stop every block. And when I get on ridge I find the one trash truck that also has to stop every few seconds. Traffic is always backed up in the morning where ridge moves onto kelly. Then there are two protruding manholes which blow up tires and are impossible to avoid.

Once I get over the driving crisis each morning I like to engage in the financial crisis. It used to be that if the DOW moved 200 points people would be wondering what the hell is happening. Now a 200 point swing is tranquilty. People are so frightened with the money that is disappearing out of their 401k’s and their mutual funds that Chaos has ensued. I have gotten numb to the point that I just figure i’m somewhat young and hopefully this will pass. Although I certainly don’t expect it to fly by.

My computer has gone hay-wire. My pokeroffice has stopped responding due to a javalanchermachineerror and my outlook one day decided to stop sending emails. I think it’s time that I uninstall aim due to the fact if I deleted everyone I still talk to I’d be talking to myself (hence the blog).

And when all this gets mushed into a 5 day workweek, it makes me want to get smashed to the point of oblivion. Which obviously just exacerbates the situation. People held accountable for things you can’t remember doesn’t seem fair, however let me tell you certainly is true. Being drunk has lost me so many dollars that I probably wouldn’t have to save for retirement anymore. So pretty much every Monday morning I wake up feeling awful, extremely dehydrated from Sunday drinking (obviously) and thinking that I can’t believe I have to do it all over again.