Man Hits Drive 2 Total Yards!

Yesterday I left work at 2:45 to meet up with CK4 for a round of golf at Lederach. I’m going to combine our enjoying round of golf with important facets of life that come with a lifelong friendship. Also, I don’t know if anyone else enjoys being mentioned in more than Chad.

I’ll start by thanking Jeff for giving me the opportunity to play golf on days like these. We are lucky to be able to cover the office as long as one of us stays behind, and we do a decent job of switching this on and off.

The traffic was bad on 76 (what else is new). It seems like no matter what time you leave, you hit 76 traffic. It took me a bit over an hour to navigate to Harleysville. I paid the $40 and Chad and I were sent off the back 9. I started off hitting one off to the right but catching the fairway. Chad managed to top a drive that had so much top spin that it landed behind him, then rolled forward about 2 feet. He breakfasted 1 and then fired one up the chute in the miraculous ways of Ck4.

As much as I’d like to detail every shot, I’ll give a few of the finer examples of the round.

  • Lederach from the blues is a 6600+ course. Our 3rd hole was a 600+ par 5. Chad and I both crushed drives. I hit a 3 wood on the screws and then a flush 6 iron and was still 15 yards short.
  • Our 4th hole, the severe dogleg leg is the perfect example of a hole that can destroy an unknowing golfer (Ck4). I hit a nice 3 wood off the tee and Chad used his driver to hit one left in the woods. Now he had to drop on a sidehill lie and before he hit that shot I thought to myself, “please, please, take this shot seriously and make sure you punch out effectively to the fairway. Much to my dismay the sidehill lie ruined his shot and he plunked it back into the woods about 15 yards to blow up the hole.
  • On the 6th hole CK4 managed to hit his ball into this bizarro sand trap that engulfed his ball. Picture to follow.

The rest of the round was fun and CK4 recovered from a high scoring front 9 to beat me by 2 on the back.  I finished with a 94 and with 2 triples and a +5, it was easily the best round of my year.

When Chad and I were living in Manayunk, we’d go golfing all the time together. Since he got married and moved to the burbs we still get together but it’s no where near seeing the person every day. It’s why I make it a point to take time out of my life to stay connected to my friends. When I was leaving work I thought to myself, “I have a lot going on with work, but this is more important.” Chad and I have been friends since Elementary school and we have a lot of trust in our friendship. There isn’t much off the table when we get to talking and we both know that we stand by each other unmistakably. Our lives take different paths but it’s great to get together and catch up over a round of golf. I’m sure he enjoys it as much as I do.

 Learn More About White Stakes

If you’ve read this far about my golf round with CK4, I’ll throw in one more golf tidbit. Chad and I play golf by the rules. Golfers who don’t play often don’t know the rules about white stakes. White stakes are out of bounds. Generally when you are completely off the course, you’ll see white. People’s houses. Across streets. Other property that isn’t the golf course. Red stakes are usually when your still on the course, just OB. When you hit past the white stakes, you are automatically fucking yourself. It’s like adding 2 strokes to your score immediately and playing for double bogey. What people who don’t play a lot of golf don’t understand is that you do whatever it takes to stay away from white stakes. The penalty is too severe. I’m genuinely upset when people hit it out of bounds for 2 reasons: 1) I don’t want to be the one to deliver the bad news if they think they can take stroke and distance 2) It produces high scores and high scores usually lead to less fun. Just wanted to point this out to the general public.