I’m not going to hold the suspense of our bowling playoff match…we won.

Snaking Back Monday got off to a slow start losing game 1. It’s hard to explain how this happens but we had 3 opens in our first 4 bowlers. Without putting any blame on any one individual, I was 100% the reason we lost game 1. I rolled a 158 while the rest of the team was around their average. I flat out wasn’t putting strikes on strikes and I missed a 7 pin. Inexcusable performance.

Game 2 was all my brother. Sam carried the team on his back with a well timed 269. The other team came back down to Earth during this game as well and we ended up winning by 50 pins. I’ll note that I threw a 3rd frame, first ball gutter, that cost me many pins and thankfully didn’t suck the wind out of our sails.

Game 3 was for all the marbles and a spot in the finals. Obviously this was crunch time as this 1 game was going to determine our fate. Fortunately for us, we didn’t win the game as much as the other team lost it. Don’t get me wrong, we bowled well, but the other team caked their pants. I stomped their will with a final game 239 and the team did its part in the providing full support. Strong final game by the Wevs and and we’re anticipating the Weens to be brought back to life in the finals. Positive thinking.

I welcome all blog readers to support us in the finals on Monday6/5 at 6:30 pm. Everyone is encouraged to show up as a cheering section will hopefully spook the other team. Home field advantage means a lot and I’m sure we’ll buy plenty of drinks with our winnings from the 31 week season.