Last night was round 1 of our bowling playoffs after 32 weeks. We started back in September and have finally gotten to the nitty gritty. Sam had a race to run in Swarthmore at night that made it so he could only bowl 2 of the 3 games (which I’m thankful that he decided to roll). Since it was a best of 3, we were hoping to make short work. That didn’t exactly happen.

I’m going to detail this from my perspective so there are going to be a lot of I’s in the following paragraphs. This isn’t the best way to write to the reader but it’s my fucking blog so deal with it.

I came into this week feeling great. I drank a total of 10 beers over the past 3 days which is minimal despite how it appears. I drank 2 PBR’s pre game and hustled warm-ups because Sam was on short time. On the previous Saturday I had rolled a 276 so I had a lot of positive energy in my game.

Our team started off well…except for me. I rolled 2 opens to start the game but didn’t get down. I then rattled off 6 straight and the team was pumped  because we were all bowling well. The first game was a breeze as 3 of us were in the 200’s and we won by 40 pins as I recall.

We started the 2nd game off hot and through the first 5 frames had made up the handicap and were cruising. What happened next was a disaster frame as I missed a single pin, Evan split, and Sam and Jordan opened. The life got sucked out of us and the other team capitalized. We lost game 2.

During the short break before the 3rd game I saw Sam as he was leaving in the bathroom and said, “don’t worry Sam, I got this”.

I threw a 9 spare in the first frame and then the strikes started rolling. Every ball I threw was nicely targeted and hit the pocket with force. I was starting on the 26th board and getting it out right. The oil pattern had been carved exactly to my ball as luck would have it. I had thrown 8 in a row and the game was close. Weens was having some lack of experience issues and Evan and I were carrying him towards the finish line. It came down to the 10th and the opponent anchor had opened the 9th. All I needed was a strike and the game was pretty much clinched. I wasn’t nervous as much as I was in the zone. I rolled another perfect strike. The opponent rolled a strike and we were up 13. All I needed was 8 pins and we had advanced. I rolled another strike…and closed with another (jersey) strike for a 290. The final ball was the only one to miss the pocket.

In the last game we needed every single pin and I stepped up like I said I was going to. Yes this is a brag. It’s why I’m the anchor. It’s why we’ll never talk about who’s the anchor again. It’s stepping up in a spot where the team needs it and we bowl as a team. As Adam says, “team game”. This was my career game and highest series ever so I would lying if I didn’t say we are pumped for the 2nd round. I wouldn’t want to be playing us.