Believe it or not, I’m growing tired of the Sizzli. The convenience of making your own coffee and getting the Sizzli in a mere minute is alluring. However, like everything else, you can grow tired of the same food over and over again that I was led a quarter mile down the road to McDonalds.

I don’t eat McDonald’s often. Maybe 5 times a year. I’ve had their breakfast before though and knew I liked it. I went through the drive thru and ordered a #2 with coffee. They asked me how many sugar and creams I want in my coffee which I was caught off guard by, but my quick thinking had me order the number 1. The price was $5.61 which was about a dollar more than the Sizzli / coffee combo I am so used to. I had to buy a new router (it increased my speed from 2mbs to 10mbs, whoops) so I sat in the Walmart parking lot and chowed down the sandwich which comes with a hash brown as an extra bonus. Here’s the review:


As noted above the Sizzli coffee combo is about $4.60 but does not come with a hash brown. The McDonald’s meal comes in at $5.61 which seems a tad expensive for breakfast but not going to bankrupt you. With regard to value for the meal, I vote them both the same.



The Sizzli is a solid 5. It doesn’t knock your socks off but it provides reasonable sustenance. Since I can create how much cream and sugar I want in my coffee, its more personalized to me which is a plus. I give the taste of the Wawa coffee a slight edge. The McDonald’s sandwich is a bit better. There were black chars around the English Muffin which showed it was cooked properly and the egg is tasty. I give the McDonald’s sandwich a 7. Plus the hash brown combined with ketchup is a plus.



The lid on McDonald’s coffee is far superior to Wawa’s. I have no idea who is in charge of the Wawa lids but once that coffee gets swishing, it’s flying out of the top and on to nearby items. My coffee holder drinks much coffee from this spillage. The McDonald’s cup has a flip tab that stays shut and can be closed into itself. The drive thru process although I initially perceived as a disadvantage, may be an advantage. You don’t even have to get out and the time difference is minimal as long as no one is in front of you.



The McDonald’s meal gets the nod. It comes down to the sandwich and the McMuffin is better than the Sizzli. More compact. Less soggy because the Sizzli gets killed by the heat lamps. Better taste. I prefer the Wawa coffee but it’s not a deal breaker. The hash brown gives the full nod as well because it’s gloriously delectable and unhealthy.