Since 2 people said they read my post about what’s hot as new music, and actually liked it, I’ll continue because I stay up to date on new music. I follow the new songs every Friday, I listen to Advanced Placement on AltNation, and I check AlternativeAddiction for the latest tracks. No I don’t know the pop world that well. On to the music.

Paramore – Rose Colored Boy & Forgiveness
The new Paramore album was released and I haven’t had a chance to go through the all the tracks. I have listened to a few though and I like what I hear. I like the lyrics of “let me cry a little bit longer, I ain’t gonna smile if I don’t want to…” in Rose Colored Boy. Hayley Williams has a good voice and I like the beat. I’ll probably write about a few more as I get a chance to listen to more. I’ll add Forgiveness as a slower track that sounds nice.

Dispatch – Begin Again
4k views! Talk about an older type artist that is doing a great job distributing their music. This is the formula! Release a new track every week to give people a taste and then drop the album. This is the 3rd great track from Dispatch and I would 100% give the album a listen. Do you realize how hard it is for an artist to get people to listen to the entire album? Same type of slow build up to a flowing song which is well sung. 2 thumbs up.

Imagine Dragons – Whatever It Takes
On the opposite side of listens with 5 million in 4 days is the becoming over-hyped Imagine Dragons. The good news is that this song has a little more excitement to it. It sounds like Dan is caring a bit more than just churning out the songs. The sound is similar and different at the same time. Still not as original as they were when NightVisions came out but that’s just what happens when you create a popular song.

Magic Giant – Jade
For a band I’ve never heard of, this song delivers. If this group blows up, you saw it here first with 197 views on YouTube. The 2nd verse where it starts picking up with, “Hey Jade, go save the day…” is well done.

It’s not out yet but the Miley Cyrus song Malibu is not bad. The Katy Perry song Bon Appetit is fucking horrible. Good god, if she didn’t have that rack, she should be buried to stop these songs. 91k downvotes!