After a brief hiatus, the blog is back.

I traveled to Austin, Texas on Thursday morning for Big Steve McGrath’s bachelor party. A group of us arrived at 1ish in Austin to start with some beers and Bangers, the bar, near Rainey Street. The early restaurant experience gave a feel of a slower pace in the South from the Northeast, but overall likable people. I’m going to breeze through these days only because a complete write up at this point holds little value. Essentially most bars have outdoor patio areas, Lone Stars, and plenty of people looking to party. The first night had its array of arm wrestling contests, drunken conversations, and a bike ride back from 22nd street.

Our boat…not.

The next morning I awoke, chugged some coffee, ate a breakfast burrito, and got ready for the boat ride around Devils’s Cove on Lake Travis. We boarded a school bus that drove us 45 minutes to a lake where we had rented a party boat. Ian was encouraging a case race on the bus but the group was a bit frazzled from the night before and this wasn’t happening. Ed got Gerald some Cider’s and we killed a few cases of High Life and Tecate to set the tone. Noted that I drink beer faster than Ian.

It was a hot day and I applied sun screen to my face but not my whole body. Mistake. You’d think 5 hours on a boat with 18 bro’s would be a bit much, and it probably was. The day was perfect though and everyone enjoyed themselves. Survivor flip cup was a fun drinking game which Ian eventually lost for our team after saying, “this could be my moment”. We made sure to finish the keg on the way out and then kept drinking on the bus ride home. People were all over the place at this point and pretty exhausted. We rallied for BBQ at Cooper’s and a night at the Container bar. I called it a night around midnight but this was an all day drinkathon and people were dropping like flies towards the end.

Good picture of 6th st

On Saturday there was a street festival down 6th which made the day quite packed with people and activities. We tried to find a breakfast establishment but this was not as easy as it seems. It appears that Austin can’t serve alcohol until 11am which puts the kabash on most breakfast joints. The group found a luxuriously weird breakfast spot in the Marriot. After that we gathered together and bar hopped for the day watching the Kentucky Derby somewhere in there. The night found us rendezvousing and eventually staying out all night. Details excluded.

Death called on Sunday as we gathered to head to the airport. I’m sure everyone was feeling it at this point. I slogged through the 3 hour plane ride in an almost catatonic state that wouldn’t leave me until 8:34pm Tuesday evening as I type this post. Either way, I wouldn’t change a thing. It was a life experience I’ll never forget.

Special thanks to Ed for doing all the planning. To Ian for being a weirdo and taking the verbal abuse away from everyone else. And Steve for having a great group of friends. Til next time.