I forgot how many of these documents I have saved on my computer and I’ll leak a few just for some filler but you can see how my business ideas come about.  I’m not even going to review it and just post it so take it for what is something I created 3 years ago.

*Stripper Pole


Mission Statement:

Our goal is to provide our customers with a wide variety of products through multiple channels of distribution.  Accuracy of orders and swiftness in delivery will help us grow a loyal customer base through constant satisfaction.

Business Summary:

We will open a beer distributing service.  Safety requirements to prevent underage drinking will be in order.  We plan on opening up a brick and mortar location which will also serve as a warehouse for our product.  This will act as a walk in store where our customers will be able to purchase cold beer at no extra charge.  This location will have a necessary refrigeration area.  The store will also house a wide array of snacks that go along favorably with drinking (nuts, chips, etc).  Employees will all be over the age of 21.  Our employees, preferably females, will use their assets in order to bring in and maintain customers.  This is in no circumstance demeaning.  We will use females as employees because the majority of beer drinkers are male.  If good looking females can entice more business they will be provided a commission as well as an hourly wage.

Another means of distribution will be through our local delivery system with hopes to expand through growth.  Delivery trucks will be stationed at the store in order to supply our customers with their purchases.  Enough drivers will be employed so that demand will be met.  Delivery times should be timely and extra help will be mandatory if demand grows too rapidly.  Perhaps having 2 locations at central areas will ease the delivery time.

The internet will also help to develop a customer base.  Our website will contain a section where the customer will be able to purchase a case of beer that we stock.  We will then receive the order through an instantaneous network and be alerted of the purchase.  The order will then be distributed in the same manner as an order that is called in.  Safety precautions will also be in order to assure that our customers are all of legal age.

We believe that through a timely delivery service, competitive prices, a wide breadth of products, and a progressive attitude, we will override our competition and acquire a loyal customer base.

The Product

The obvious profit center will be through our distribution of cased beer.  We will have to be a wholesaler of the large breweries.  Budweiser, Coors, and Miller Lite are must have contacts.  Yuengling and Victory are local breweries that would be good additions.  The Guinness line will also be essential.  Other varieties will include Corona, Heineken, Amstel Light and many others.  Unique hard to find brews will also be available although will not be stocked as plentiful.

Cases will be bought in larger quantities in order to take advantage of economies of scale.   Since beer has a long shelf life, there should not be an issue of spoilage.  Although, the serving of beer is highly competitive, we believe that our unique business model will keep us afloat with a strong customer base.  Once our business begins to grow, expansion will help profit.

A secondary profit center will be through our food inside of our distribution center.  This will include first class beer nuts, top shelf pretzels, the best chips and salsa, and high end potato chips.  These will typically not be products you can find at the grocery store.  Hopefully our customers will see us as a unique spot to purchase beer and food.

Safety Precautions

Employment Criteria


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