I was approached by a homeless guy at the corner of 6th and Callowhill which is a prime spot for beggars. I see a few guys I recognize who work this spot and this one in particular walks with a crooked foot and isn’t a nice guy. He scowls if you don’t acknowledge his existence which I hate from beggars. It’s not my obligation as a human being to give you the money I work hard for.

As he approached on this particular day I was the 2nd car in line and there was no one behind me so I was going to draw his full attention. I looked in my cup holder and had a $5 SugarHouse chip. I seem to acquire small chips from Sugarhouse when I go busto and leave in disgust. I figured the chip was stained with coffee and relatively sticky so why the heck not give it to him.

I handed him the chip, he looked at it and said, “what the fuck is this?”.

I said, “it’s 5 dollars.”

“Oh? Where can I use it?”


With that transaction I guarantee I didn’t do this man any favors. Now I don’t know how long it takes him to collect $5 but I’d guess around half an hour. So lets say he travels over to the Sugarhouse which is probably an hour walk for him with his limp. He trades it in for $5 and is now in the home of the degenerates. I doubt on his day to day he has much need to go to the Sugarhouse (I may be wrong as this may have put him here) but I guarantee that $5 doesn’t leave. In some freak of nature incident, maybe he turns that $5 into a thousand with the pull of a lever. More likely he enters a pit of despair, loses the 5, and reverts back to a depressed mindset that cripples his life. Ok. That wasn’t a funny pun.