There is a major difference between internet comments and real life comments. Here are two real life examples that have happened to me in the past 2 days.

    • After shooting a 53 front yesterday, I wasn’t having the round of my life. I wasn’t 100% from drinking on Saturday night and my good shots were far and few between. On hole 16, yes Shee I figured I’d blog it, I had an 8 iron from about 165 yards into the green. It was a slow round at Valleybrook and the people in front of us were clearing the green. The guys were at least 10 yards off the green and had parked their car about 10 yards short of where they should have been. I figured I could go but this proved to be problematic. I hit a well struck shot that was veering right. With the ball in the air it was like time was standing still as the ball floated closer and closer to their cart. I meekly yelled fore but these guys were a decent amount away and didn’t hear it. I yelled it again but it still wasn’t loud enough. As I watched it descend, I knew I was in trouble. They started driving away and the ball must have landed in their cart, bounced up to the roof from the inside, and finished in their cart. Amazingly no one was hurt. Here is where the guy’s comment came in. He put his hands up like he was mad and then meekly through my ball to the ground out of his cart. I was expecting him to launch the ball back at me. That would have been a much better comment. I ended up driving up and apologizing which is appropriate and he said, “next time yell Fore.” It’s one of those spots where it’s better to wait the extra 10 seconds for the guys to go.

  • Sam’s running socks

    Sam’s blog made mention about a $17 dollar pair of socks that he’s scared to wear and I was writing a comment. After I started writing I thought to myself that this is a waste of time. My opinion on Sam’s post was that he wasn’t being very smart and should wear the more expensive socks more often if they are that much better. I was going to go into the value aspect of higher priced items and why I’m almost always for spending more. Obviously every case varies but most of the time it works that you enjoy the premium item more than the lower priced item and it more often lasts longer to offset the cost difference. This is my general feeling. So when Sam is saying he feels $17 is a lot of money for socks, my comment is…then wear them. So as I wrote that comment, I started thinking, why do I want Sam to know that I don’t exactly see his point in his post. Who really cares? I imagine this is why most people don’t comment on posts.