Everyone who games at casinos knows that if you put a few bucks in a video poker machine at a bar and play for a few minutes, you can get free drinks. However in Vegas, this is coming to an end. There’s a new red/green light system that lights up when you are deserving of a free drink. This new system defeats “the Vegas Hustle” where you put a $20 in a machine and sit there while you drink for free. The new system “green light” lights up if you max bet 4 times in a row which you’d know is reasonable for a free drink. The only people who should be whining about this are cheapskates who shouldn’t be gambling, or drinking, anyway.

I bring this up because the easy way out is never the best way out. The news has brought us the apparent suicide of the Facebook murderer who live streamed and Aaron Hernandez who hung himself in his cell. There are a few points of interest that I found about both stories.

The FBI received 400 tips about the whereabouts of Steve Stephens. 400! I saw a dude who I thought looked like this guy but I wasn’t going to call it in and get an innocent man arrested. How on Earth are people so sure that it’s him when they call in a tip? I imagine that the calls mostly go like, “I’m here at McDonalds and there is a man who looks like the Facebook killer, you should probably check it out.” This is probably a waste of an officer’s time but they caught the guy so it must work. With regard to the Facebook stream and Facebook saying, “we are working on these issues”, it is disturbing that sick individuals are using this medium to share these horrific acts. It has me watching my back 24/7 when I’m out in public.

Next we’ll travel to Aaron Hernandez who was acquitted of a double murder but was still serving a life sentence for the death of Odin Lloyd. He hung himself with a bed sheet in his cell. I don’t know about you but I don’t think I would succeed in hanging myself with a bed sheet. I could see an hour passing by and me being like, “is it working?” This is obviously a morbid thought but it seems challenging. With Aaron perished, I’m of the mindset that there is one less gang banger off the street. From every bit of info I’ve read, he sounded like a true jerk who held himself above the law and wasn’t a nice person.