4 posts in 10 days is poor. I need to step it up.

A few weeks ago Sam was sick and skipped our bowling league on Monday. I was pretty sure that if he wanted to man up, he could have bowled. After this weekend, I understand.

When I woke up on Sunday morning I felt ok, but I had a tickle in the lower part of my throat that I couldn’t hock up. I also had the chills which sucked. I took some aspirin and went to our Sunday morning brunch and did fine getting through it. When I went home, it was like I was zapped with mana burn and my HP’s were depleting by poison. I tried to go to sleep but that didn’t work because I would close my eyes and nothing happened.

I drove to my Philadelphia home and ended up crushing the Vitamin C drink and taking some Nyquil and zoning in and out of the Masters. In bizarre fashion, after an hour after the Nyquil, I started feeling a little better. I tried to eat but had no appetite. I zonked myself out at 9pm and woke up at 2am only to zonk myself out again. I woke up today and feel surprisingly better. I have no idea what I caught but it was brief and should be completely exterminated tomorrow.

If someone told me I had to bowl yesterday, I’m not even sure I would have been able to make the ball roll down the entire alley. Fortunately I’ve recovered most strength and will hopefully continue to improve. It seems like a lot of people either are sick or getting sick. I usually never feel bad for these people because I rarely get sick, but being sick sucks.