I was going to make this post last week so I was happy to see it on Reddit.

Good Boy, Coops.

On Friday at around 8am, the trash truck picks up the garbage. They take the garbage out of a can, dump it in the compactor, then drive away leaving the lid off the can. I’m usually out the door before they pick up the trash and this sets off one of the worst crimes to humanity I can think of. While I’m at work, people who walk their dogs throw their shit bags into my trashcan. I fucking hate it. I’m glad other people do too. Here are some of the top comments:

It is super fucking annoying when I have to pull someone else’s dog shit out of my trash can. Even worse when it’s the summer and it just marinates in there.

Damn. I wish I had written that sign. I would add to it that your dog shitting in the snow does not absolve you from picking up the turd. It is not like the shit melts when the snow does.

I agree with you. The problem is not the trash can but the recycle bin…dog shit in a plastic bag is not recyclable…the city will not empty a recycle bin which has “non-recyclables” in it. A dog shit bag placed on top of recycle bin means you are stuck with another week of a full bin. Carry your shit home or don’t own a dog if you can’t handle the responsibility

Even you you little fucker.

It’s not the end of the world, but when I have to take the trash can full of someone else’s dog’s shit, through my house and into my back patio, it shouldn’t have to be my problem. It’s why I don’t have a dog. I’m certain that it sucks having to clean up poop every day when you have a dog, and you don’t want to hold the bag of shit so it makes sense to dispose of it as quickly as possible, but why do I have to suffer? I honestly don’t know where you are supposed to throw it, but it’s not my can.