I was going to use Cache Me If You Can which makes more sense because the cache is hard to pinpoint, but this is more topical.

The site is currently waiting for a release for the Avada theme that allows for the Youtube Embed code to display. Major inconvenience as it affects the entire site and pretty much ruins the meal, and possibly the evening. I’m hoping that the tech nerds figure it out shortly and release the patch.

What I’ve also noticed is that the answer to every fix is “delete your cache”. I’ve learned more about cache in the past few months than I wanted to know. Sam’s blog was brought to its knees because of some must use plugins that the server made mandatory to install. They caused problems and that’s why the site didn’t update when he’d release new posts. Since I’m on a different theme, my problems are independent of his.

That’s an update on the website and you’ll notice the traffic is through the roof. 2 days ago had 600+ people which is getting back to Storage War days.  This may not be great “sticky” traffic and bounce quickly but people coming to the site is better than the inverse.