Sam – just so we are up to date on references.
5. 23. Skidoo.

I was reading some article today about how people love to say “how busy” they are. Being busy construes working hard which translates into self worth. People love to feel important, thus everyone saying how busy they are.

There are a lot of different ways to feel busy. Take Brian’s opinion of Lois being busy.

It’s fun to pretend.

I’m a big fan of Family Guy early episodes. Up to about the 100th episode is where the show jumped the shark. There are now nearly 300.

Didn’t mean to get off on a tangent but while I’m on one, might as well rant. I was surprised to see that print book sales in the UK were up and e-book sales were down. Unpredictable. It’s hard to understand how people of certain age groups and culture adapt to what. I’m shocked how much the older generation uses emoji’s. My mom and uncle fill the entire text field with emoji’s. I guarantee it takes them longer to find the emoji than typing the word. Maybe an emoji delivers the point in more dramatic fashion which is the allure.

How does this relate to being busy? It doesn’t. I have noticed one telling sign from today’s snow day, if customers don’t call in, I hardly get aggravated. This pretty much correlates to people on this planet making me nuts. It’s only a small % of the people but it’s amazing how small disturbances can make large impacts. I’d keep writing about this point but I’m too busy.