This website is seriously damaged and Anoop couldn’t help me. We all know about the homepage not updating with new posts. This is extremely annoying. I went through their support and we ended up altering a part of the cache file. What this did was screw up plugin updates that surround that file. So when I tried to update Akismet, it broke the site.  I also can’t upload pictures.

When the site breaks, I have to go to Hostmonster and have them revert back. Anoop renamed the plugin file and I’m re-activating them one by one. Not knowing what is the problem plugin, this is fucked up. The W3 Total cache seems to be the root of the problem. If the site is down, these problems still loom.

In other news, I’m heading to Vegas on Tuesday and will be back early Friday morning. I’m heading to a Roofing Show which is code name for 2 day vacation. Not really but not that far off. Most likely there will be no posts in the meantime.

I have other little tidbits going on in my life but they are barely blog worthy. No one cares about our bowling league and we take on Strike You tonight who has the highest team average. Sam and I have been pretty hot and if the Cohen’s come to play, we should be fine.

Jeff and I went golfing on Friday and we paid $23 and got in 18 holes. The front nine took us 2:15 and the back nine was 45 minutes. It was getting dark considering we teed off at 3pm. I shot a 44 on the front and was driving the ball beautifully with my new driver and 3 wood. I even had 2 up and downs which I was never doing before. I’m feeling really good about this season and a few minor tweaks will hopefully make big differences.

My Bovada account is making a boost again with some timely Sixers bets. Having a juiced account for March Madness is preferred. In other gambling news, I was hit with a 3 outer when I flopped top 2 and was up against top pair with a higher kicker. I haven’t been running so hot and it’s not because of bad play. I get it in and lose when I’m ahead and also lose when I’m behind. These reasons are why I try not to devote so much time towards playing.

I’ve been lax on blog updates and I don’t have any good reason other than I’m just not posting. No real explanation.