I was searching around some beer forums and read how some of these people write reviews and I refuse to write a review like that. Apparently the five categories are appearance, drinkability, smell, taste, and mouthfeel. My categories are does it get you drunk and do I enjoy drinking it to get drunk.

I purchased the Magic Hat Howl about 3 weeks ago. The artwork on the case and bottle is cool looking and I’ve had some Magic Hat’s like in the past that I’ve enjoyed. I’ve also had the #9 and Circus Boy, neither of which I cared for. The Howl is a black lager that is 4.6% abv. Bottom line, I didn’t enjoy the case. Yes I finished it, but no I wasn’t enjoying the beer, just drinking it for it’s alcohol. It just wasn’t a good tasting beer and at such a low abv, there’s no excuse for that. Another miss on Magic Hat’s list for me.

At 5.5% abv, this beer will get you drunk. I just find this a great tasting beer that goes down easy. On Sunday I drank 7 of them in 4 hours and ended up having to take a nap. This isn’t your let’s get fucked up beer as it tends to make you go to sleep than party til the morning hours. This is just a very smooth lager that I will order hands down over 80% of other beers. There is one drawback, it makes you fart like no other. I can’t explain it but I will attest to this last statement.