I haven’t been posting the most riveting material (although the William Penn Snaps won’t soon be forgotten), and this post won’t buck that trend.

Snaking Back Monday was the highest scoring team in the league last week and was looking to repeat. We started off like a freight train with Weens and I in the 230’s, and our team well over 800. Game 2 was a bizarre game where we had at least 10 total team splits and Sam was our highest bowler at 164. We needed to do better in game 3. Fortunately I told the team that I don’t fuck around in the 3rd game and this proved to be true. After a 9 spare, strike, 9 spare, I closed out the game with 9 straight strikes for a 270. The rest of the team wasn’t too shabby either with Evan in the 170’s, Sam in the 2’s, and Weens was either 190 or light 200’s. We finished with an 860 game and I wouldn’t be surprised if it holds for highest of the league this week.

I’m all about tooting my own horn as Shee would know, and 270’s in back to back weeks is no joke. I’ve been working on my game and I’m ready.

Sam and I have the $1,000 perfect game bet and this should be over in a month (maybe weeks). Sam can’t work on his game because his wittle wrist hurts and I’m getting better every week. I notched my highest series this week with a 668 and the 700 series in league play will follow shortly. People who don’t bowl a lot might look at these numbers and say, “hey, you could be a professional.” Not likely. I’ve gotten good at North and South Bowls oil patterns. I know you play right and move right as the night continues. Bowling is a little easier than golf where it’s easier to repeat the motion. I tell myself to make sure I stay aggressive (ala Pete Weber in a clip I couldn’t find), follow through, and keep the ball right. Last night our team did so much better staying off the Jersey side of the lane and it proves how much better you can score. My spare game is still improving as I have to get better on the 7 and 10 which can still give me some problems. Aside from that, I’m refining my strike ball to leave less 10 pins and can rattle them off if the lane cooperates. It’s not natural talent either. It’s the same concept that the longer and harder you work on an activity, the better you get. Safe to say, it’s paying off.