If you needed a reason to join SnapChat, look no further than the William Penn snaps. I have them saved to my phone but, to my knowledge, that’s the only place they are currently.

On Thursday night I decided to go out and have a few drinks. My night escalated once I got to Howl at the Moon and started drinking pint glasses of Victory Dirt Wolf which is intended to make you take a dirt nap. Somewhere along the night I decided to post an array of Snapchats with myself and the statue of William Penn on City Hall.

I woke up with a splitting headache and messages that praised the William Penn Snapchats. Apparently being near black out and posing with a statue is all you need for internet success. People were so enthused they began sending me their own William Snapchats and I have a few thoughts:

  • The closer you are to blackout, the better
  • If you aren’t close to the statue, it doesn’t make sense. The statue is the essence of the SnapChat
  • You need inside humor. I guarantee only Shee knew who Weird Haircut Seth was. Only Weens and a few others knew the high pitched squeal.

All that being said, 22 people got to enjoy my Snapchat and then the follow up the next night. The follow up was planned ahead of time which immediately detracts from the natural being. Either way, I have to take a break from this as I paid dearly in mental well being from producing these videos. Hope you enjoyed them.