This could be my favorite poker video. You should probably watch it before I start commenting on it but in the first minute, Hellmuth gets this idea he is being cheated for the sake of the show. It’s a big money cash game which is why the tension is so high. Hellmuth loses a 240,000 pot and it rattles him. Perkins sort of makes this hoot and hollering sound which annoys Phil.

Perkins says, “it’s not going to change your life” and Hellmuth has the best response I’ve ever heard, “Buddy, you’re such a goofball you missed the point completely. Are you that stupid, really?”

Perkins is a wealthy business man and it’s humorous that he has no respect for Hellmuth. When Perkins shows Hellmuth the flush and he comments “this motherfucker.” The next hand is, “what the fuck is going on here.” Then, “moron, motherfucker.”