This is mostly a humorous post but I’ll share it anyhow.

An old man in Pittsburgh hosts an NFL playoff tournament where you pick 3 QBs, 5 RBs, 5 WRs, 3 TEs, 3 Kickers, and 3 Defenses. These positions each accrue points and whoever has the most points at the end of the playoffs wins. Each entry costs $20 and there are a shade over 100 entries. Here is where the troubles begin. He keeps track of the points using an Excel spreadsheet. He manually enters the score and for this, he feels he and his croney deserve 2 free entries each. As luck would have it, he won. Hetrick thought the whole concept was suspect to begin with so I let him know that the league host won the tournament.

I’m joking around when I write that Evan would cheat. There is about a .1% chance that I think he would cheat so that’s not really what this post is about. It’s more like, should the host be allowed to win? I remember one year when the Turkey Tourney was running and Sam, Jeff, and I got 1st, 2nd, and 4th. We pretty much invited people over and took their money. It wasn’t unfair, it’s just how it happened. However, if this happened with any frequency, I’d start asking the questions, are the Stortz boys colluding? There is some odd thought that goes into winning your own tournaments or pools.