Out of all of my friends, I’d rate the action I give on sports near the top. Not necessarily in dollar amounts, but in the sheer amount of events I bet on. I bet NFL, CFB, NBA, EPL, MLB, NCAAB, horses, golf, and any other event that I fancy. My perception of what people think of this, if I were to say this, would be viewed as negative. This I don’t understand.

I have Y amount of dollars. I’m betting X amount of dollars. If my Y number is far greater than my X number, what the hell is the difference? It’s not like if I lose what I bet my life will be any different. Of course you could make the argument that this money can be put in better places but that’s a personal decision. Maybe you think a 100 dollar pair of shoes is money well spent and I think 3 hours of my time watching a game with the potential to win 100 is money well spent.

The real reason betting takes place is to put your money where your mouth is. If you truly believe in an outcome, betting on it is the surest way to express this opinion. Your backing your thought with a financial statement. Talk is cheap. That being said, the worth of being right is also fulfilling. I took the Heat last night against the Sixers. Knowing the Sixers. Knowing Embiid is out. Knowing the Heat have won 9 in a row. This wasn’t a tough choice and one of those easy games. I’ve learned that there are no such thing as easy wins, ever, so you take what you can get.

This brings me to the Super Bowl. The Patriots last 6 Super Bowls have been decided by 4 points or less. The spread is 3. This in itself is reason enough to bet on the Falcons. However, if I bet the Falcons, and the Patriots blew them out, I would have to shake my head and wonder what was I thinking betting against Brady and Belichick. I don’t even think the Patriots have that great of a team but Brady’s record over the last 14 games is 13-1. The question lies in those dangerous 3 points.

I have $246 in my gambling account and will be pressing it all tonight. I already have 20 on the blue Gatorade at the end and will put 20 on Devontae Freeman to score the first TD. I’m not really into the rest of the prop bets with super juice on them. Unless it’s a sure thing, which nothing is, it doesn’t make sense. So here’s to the Pats -3 and everyone reading to enjoy Superbowl Sunday.