In 2015, the Patriots won the Superbowl against the Seahawks on a Malcom Butler INT at the goal line. Unbeknownst at the time of the INT, Butler would develop into one of the premier CB’s in the league (4th highest PPF rating this year behind for Talib, Chris Harris, and AJ Bouye). At the conclusion of that game, I had some action on what color Gatorade would be poured over the victor’s head. I had chosen Patriot blue. This proved to be a money maker.

We’re back at it again thinking the Patriots will indeed win the Super Bowl and Mr. Belichick will be taking a blue, not clear (the betting favorite) or golden, shower. Is this easy money? HMMMMMMMMMMMM. I don’t think so. As much as my intuition tells me, “why is there any reason they would swap from blue?” I found this picture below.

There you go ladies and gents, here’s to blue money.