Tiger Woods Golf Round

Weird finish.

It’s great to see Tiger back in action. He played in an invite earlier in the year but this would be considered the first “official” round for ’17. Torrey Pines is rated as the 8th hardest course the PGA plays on golf.com. It’s a bit confusing to me but I assume there is a North and South Course which the golfers rotate on day 1 and 2. Nevertheless, Tiger is jumping into the swing of it in full. He fired off an opening round +4 and couldn’t find the fairway. His follow through is weird looking and he is all over the place, it’s almost cringe worthy at times. Tiger is obviously not in final form but this crude Tiger will not be making a lot of cuts unless he starts hitting fairways and cures that follow through.


It’s possible I’m making a conclusion too early but season 7 should not have been produced. The boys, now men, have had it. Watching Adam at the age of 33 performing college hi jinks doesn’t do it for me. This show was charming when you could relate to guys in their 20’s smoking weed and drinking beer, but now it’s forced. It’s like, “the fans want the show, we don’t really want to do it, but they’re giving us a shit ton of money so we should suck it up and do it.” I also think that the actors of found more mainstream success and that has detracted them from the origins of this show. I watched the first 10 minutes of the 3rd episode of the 7th season and had to turn it off. The same jokes being repeated for years and years have run their course.

Rafa Nadal’s Grunting

The match between Rafa Nadal an Grigor Dimitrov is currently in the 3rd set tie-break as I type this. I’m not a huge tennis fan but I enjoy watching two people hit a ball over the net thousands of times when it gets to the end of big tournaments. The ageless Roger Federer has reached the finals and this match will produce who he plays. I pray to God its Dimitrov. On every single shot, Rafa grunts. I understand his right to grunt, but does this help him hit the ball harder? For me it’s distracting. I would tweet at him but he’s already in the match and I don’t think he’s checking his twitter. Perhaps it’s selfish of me to ask for such a request but I can’t watch him play.