Who doesn’t have an Uber story that they want to share? Uber is the collaboration of a billion dollar app and the common man who is looking to make a buck. The experience of getting into a car with someone you’ve never met before is both exhilarating and terrifying.

For people who read this blog who have never used Uber, it’s a service where regular Joe’s drive you from point A to point B. It’s about 50% cheaper than a taxi. Amazingly every Uber driver I talk to says how easy it is to make money and I’m not sure they consider wear and tear on their vehicle, gas, and taxes for the revenue they are bringing in. Here is an actual example:

For 12 minutes this driver made $6.69. To get an hourly rate we’ll multiply by 5 and we’ll see that Adrian is making upwards of $30 dollars an hour. That’s about 60k a year. He’s going to be rich!

Of course this is not the case as Uber take 25% of the fare. So now our $30 dollars an hour is down to $22.5. There is also a $1.65 rider fee which goes to Uber. Now we’re closer to $20 an hour before expenses. Gas and mileage probably reduce this number a bit further but it appears the typical UBER driver can make around 20 dollars and hour BEFORE taxes. Here’s a good website if you’re curious for more details.

How much Uber drivers make was not the main part of my post but I got caught up in it because I was curious myself. What inspired me to write this post is that, from my experience, Uber drivers are flat out bad drivers. This one white woman was telling me how good of a driver she was as she proceeded to make a right turn on red, WHILE AN ONCOMING CAR WAS GOING THROUGH THE GREEN LIGHT. My guy last night almost clipped his mirror by an inch as he tried to sneak in this tiny lane to make a turn. I have to say that cab drivers are flat our better drivers.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Uber. That same 6.69 fare was $15 in a cab when the driver didn’t have change for my $20. I’ll also say you’ll get a range of drivers who take being an Uber driver seriously (clean car would be my main thought to taking it seriously) and guys who have a jalopy just trying to make a buck. Here’s a quick pro con list:


  • Cheaper
  • GPS App that picks you up where you want
  • The driver rating system seems to work well


  • Ordering the Uber and watching the driver drive to you in the worst way possible
  • Moronic people who shouldn’t be drivers
  • Some drivers flat out aren’t professional and will talk on their Bluetooth, through the speakers, to their friends (this has happened to me multiple times) using absurd language
  • No one has any idea if tipping is appropriate

What’s everyone’s experience?