I watched Raiders of the Lost Ark for the first time tonight and was intrigued. To say it’s a 4 star movie might be giving it a bit too much credit but it’s a decent story although incredibly unrealistic. I suppose the subtleties of the plot are well thought out like the monkey eating the fruit before Indiana and the girl showing her drinking prowess which really didn’t come into play at all. Some scenes are hilariously unrealistic like him passing under the truck but all in all it was entertaining. I have the other two DVR’d so I’ll watch them in due time. Now I finally get the crate scene at the end which is parodied off of many times. I must say that Harrison Ford may be one of my favorite actors. There’s just no reason not to like him.

Also let’s pat myself on the back for the Sixers pick to extend a nice run of sports bets. They almost blew it at the end as I only watched the 4th quarter. When you bet on games it makes the game watchable but the only thing that ever matters is the last few minutes. Sure blowouts happen and you feel like a genius when you are on the right side but more often than not the bookies have decent spreads that make the games interesting. Clutch foul shooting helped the Sixers win this game and to cover for 6 out of 6 games.

Nothing else new and just looking forward to the holiday season.