I had to pop open a window because it was so hot in my place which is unusual for January 3rd. Also a shout out to Jeff who is celebrating his birthday today. A brief blurb on what happened on the day of his birth:

Someone in the family had to get a few of the good looks.

It was Sunday, under the sign of Capricorn. The US president was Ronald Reagan (Republican). In that special week of January people in US were listening to Faith by George Michael. In UK Always On My Mind by Pet Shop Boys was in the top 5 hits. Good Morning, Vietnam, directed by Barry Levinson, was one of the most viewed movies released in 1988 while The Tommyknockers by Stephen King was one of the best selling books. Nancy Stortz had a son named Jeffrey.

I wanted to use this post to detail my cash winnings during the football season. Here is the league I entered, the amount, and what I won:

Evan’s The Dynasty  100, -100 (If I made the playoffs, I would have taken it home)
Steve’s Philadelphia Soul  100, +800 (Benching J Matt and playing C Meredith brought home the bacon)
Baker’s The Dundees (he spelled it wrong, it’s Dundies) 25, -25 (The story of Charles Clay will not be forgotten which is more than money)
Rich C’s Pigskin Pick Em 25, +75 (I had the high card but did not fare that well ATS)
Rich C’s Eliminator 25, -25 (Eliminated the 3rd or 4th week with the Cards against the Rams for the 2nd straight year)
Softerware’s Pick Em 25, +10 (Won 1 week but pretty poor showing against people who don’t know what football is)
DraftKings 211, -211 (Rough, rough, year. I have to imagine 95% of people who don’t do this for a living feel this way.)
Bovada 400, -400 (I’ll get the exact amount tomorrow but this is to be expected)
College Bowl Mania – If Alabama wins, I should net +75

After an entire season’s worth of action, I come down to winning a few hundred dollars. I invested a lot, I mean a lot of time into football. Now there’s obviously a key factor I’m missing and that’s NFL Playoff action which will swing this one way or another. I’m a big fan of the Chiefs, Falcons, and Packers so we’ll see what happens.