Last night I called into the Jody Mac show at about 11pm. I usually listen before I go to sleep and for whatever reason, I decided that tonight was going to be the night I was going to summon my courage and call in.

I called the number and it was picked up by the producer. He asked what my name was, where I was from, and what I wanted to talk about which I replied “Tom, Northern Liberties, and the NFL Playoffs.” He placed me on hold and you get connected to the line where you can hear the show.

My heart was racing as I had my intro rattling around my head. I was expecting to get put right through but that wasn’t exactly the case. I waited for about 15 minutes as I listened to a few other callers and ads. I had no idea where I was in line but then it hit me that I should be more prepared for my call. I ran to my computer and brought up the NFL playoff brackets that I sort of knew but wanted to be certain. I researched a few more facts that I thought Jody would appreciate and was set for my turn.

I’d say I was on hold for about 25 minutes when he said, “Tom from Northern Liberties, you’re up.” The dialogue went like this:

T – ¬†“Thanks for taking my call, Jody.”

J – “No problem.”

T – “I wanted to ask you a trivia question, get your opinion on 2 NFL teams, and then tie that back into my grade for Carson Wentz (the topic of the show).”

J – “Sounds good.”

T – “Do you know who the 2015 lowest graded WR is by Pro Football Focus standards?”

J – *Hems and haws a little* “I don’t know.”

T – “It was Nelson Agholor. Do you know who it was for 2016.”

J – “I’d have to guess Nelson Agholor based on the way you said that.”

T – “You got it. Now I wanted to get your opinion on two teams that I think have a lot of value in the NFL playoffs who are going off at 9-1 shots, they are the Falcons and the Chiefs.”

He says something about the Chiefs being a better team because of their defense but likes the Falcons offense as well. He talked for what felt like 2 minutes straight until I chimed in asking if the Falcons could take the Packers or Cowboys. He went into this Aaron Rodgers monologue and some story about “relax” that I heard before. I had the mic one more time and said that I think Wentz deserves a B because he has few options and is no where near the same level of elite company like Aaron Rodgers.

That was that. The line goes dead and then I flipped the radio back on to hear myself wrapping up (there’s a few second delay). I’d say that if I wanted to prepare for the call more I could have done a bit better but I had zero nerves once the call began which was nice. I may start coming up with a few more wild ideas now that I’ve popped by calling in cherry. I also got a blog topic from a previous caller that I’ll ¬†bring forth shortly.