2.2 points last night.

Expert sit last night not playing Jordan Matthews in my championship game in Steve’s league. I had to choose between Cameron Meredith, Robby Anderson, and Malcolm Mitchell. Weird that you get to the end of the season and none of these guys are even on a draft radar. Props to the Shee for letting me know ahead of time that the sharps were on the Eagles last night as I picked up a game in the Pigskin Pickem. With 2 weeks left in the season it’d probably be best to say I have no shot but I never say die. I’m down 10 games ATS to the leader and 5 in the Softerware pool. Like I’ve written a million times before, this is where the winners shine. Call me Tom. Tom Brady.

I binged watched through the first 3 seasons of the Office and I have a gripe after watching about 50 episodes. Michael obviously steals the show with his antics but there are too many episodes. I watched the Fun Run last night and finished the 40 odd minutes wanting it to end. The Jim and Pam plot is what it is but there isn’t much depth surrounding pretty much everyone else. When you have that many episodes, it starts to fall flat. I have a feeling I’m not going to make it through the entire series. I may start Sons of Anarchy up again once one of my friends confirmed the trip the Ireland was the worst season.

Christmas is coming up and tomorrow should be an awesome day of football. I’ll be reading Silva’s match ups in a few minutes as the phone has rang here exactly 1 times and I’m pretty much packing it in, hence the post.