I never go into text messages thinking that I’ll post them on my blog but Adam pushed my button with “just embrace it”, and it sent me off on a wild, frenzy fueled tailspin.

I took a slight jab at Adam in my last line which I’m sure he appreciates. Before I wrote this post I got Adam’s permission to divulge this confidential information which I find to be softer than Charmin.

As a 16 point projected favorite, in a SEMI final game, Adam hedged his financial position by agreeing to give $100 to the loser of the match. The prize pool is $1,200, and the winner receives $700 and 2nd gets $300. Who do you think benefited from this deal? HMMMMMMMMM. Not Adam.

The only time I want to make a deal is if I know I’m going to lose or there’s enough money that I would care about losing. Example, Evan and I are squaring off in a final where the entry to the league was only $25 (spare me on why are adult males playing in a league for a $25 entry fee but I could also dedicate an entire post to why this is also unbelievable) and I assume it would be $200 to first and $50 to second. Evan and I have a few options:
1) Chop the money 50/50
2) Leave the structure as decided by the commissioner
3) Play for the money

If I thought I was going to lose, I’d chose 1. However, my team just had the RB 1,3,and 5 from last week and I have A-Pete waiting in the wings. I proposed that we do a winner take all. Evan, obviously not one to be called out, accepted the offer because it’s not about the money, it’s about the pride. Now if Justin (the deal maker who took $100 from Adam) needs a new crib for his upcoming baby, then fine, whatever. Fantasy football is not about the money. The money is a nice bonus to saying you triumphed. You won’t remember what you spent that 100 dollars on, but you’ll remember when you won the league in ’16.

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