Living is expensive. It’s tough to wrap my mind around how much money I spend but I’ll give you an idea.

  • Who wants to go bowling?

    Monday night is bowling league night. It’s $20 dollars to bowl, each pitcher is ($11 divided by 3) x (3), and splitting a pizza is around $7. Add tip, add the 5 dollars I spent for the strike pot, and it totals close to a $50 dollar night. It’s funny to think how much money I would spend if South Bowl didn’t give league bowlers the special of $3 per game. They are usually closer to $6 for normies.

  • These are the cheese steak rolls. They were actually pretty good.

    Tuesday night I played trivia at Smiths and drank about 6 beers and had $5 cheese-steak rolls. Beers between 5pm-7 are $4 dollars each. After 7pm, they get hiked up to ~$7. My tab at the end of the night was $41 and I paid near $50. I ubered to Center City for $8.56 and got a taxi back for $11. I should add that I stopped at Wawa at the end of the night for some additional food and a coffee which made me stay up all night.  $80 night.

  • Wednesday I had dinner with my mom at a chain restaurant in the Willow Grove Mall. She had a $25 coupon so the meal only totaled $39. I failed to tip on what the total would have been without the coupon, and only tipped on the $39 so it was only a bit over $50 meal.

In those 3 days I spent near $200 dollars. Minimum wage is $7.25 in Pa. It would take a minimum wage employee 27.5 hours to spend 3 days living my life. I make more money than minimum wage but taking a step back and analyzing this makes my head spin. I wouldn’t classify any of these events as extravagant or wasting money like going to the Sugarhouse. It’s just living life in a city atmosphere. In the suburbs you can go out and eat like a king and drink your face off for $30 bucks. In the city you can go home with an empty stomach and barely a buzz for $60.