It is quite rare I go multiple days without a post with no good reason. Fact of the matter is that I’m alive, well, and feeling perfectly fine.

logo1-newI attended a conference today at the Philadelphia Convention Center called WordCamp. It’s where a bunch of computer geeks get together to learn about WordPress. Considering both this blog and our company’s website use WordPress, it is good information to know. With no background, WordPress means nothing to you but it’s becoming the go to for website design because of the simplistic nature and open source attribute.

Moreover, the people who run our website were in town for this conference and I had good dialogue on our current site and where the future lies.  We are making some good changes that involve where the shopping cart is displayed, how the UPS tracking info is sent, and design in general. All good stuff and will set us up well for the future.

The family is spending some time in the Poconoe’s and we have the a fun fantasy football Sunday upcoming. More later.