13692555_526395454219672_132299930312549641_nMy blog has never contained ads and never will. However, every so often I feel the urge to promote entertainment I enjoy.

My friend, Sean Coyne, is a one man show who has recently started playing gigs around Philadelphia. Last night he played The American Pub at 1500 and Market. I’m told he’ll be playing there twice a month for the conceivable future.

Sean plays a wide array of music ranging from Hendrix, to Phish, to even Justin Bieber’s Sorry. He also mixes in a few originals that sound pretty tight which I imagine isn’t easy to play in front of a crowd. You can hear his songs on his website, Sean Coyne Music.

I’m not a music critic but I know Sean’s a talented musician. He played a 2 hour set and at no point was I thinking to myself, “Oh Jeez, get this guy off the stage.”

I’m writing this post more about the journey. If it wasn’t for Colleen, his wife, Sean wouldn’t be playing in front of an audience. She acts as Sean’s manager and her confidence in him pushes his envelope. What interests me is that at this point in time Sean is very self aware of his act. Are people enjoying this? Am I playing too loud? Did anyone catch me miss that note?

seancoyneMy feeling is that once he pushes past this lack of confidence, he’ll start opening up his potential on stage which will improve the performance. The people are there to enjoy the experience, not critique it. Not yet anyway. It’s cool to see a guy who has been playing music for his life to branch out and try to take it to the next level. I know this blog doesn’t reach a huge number of people but the more people that come to see him play, the faster a musician develops.

I’ve only known Sean for a few years but I know a talented person when I see one and his mind is exceptional. His motivation may not always be in full gear but that’s where Colleen comes in. Hopefully this post will also let him know that there are people who believe in his abilities. Keep shredding it up there.