A Day Off

What do you do at work?

What do you do at work?

Despite what you may think, I don’t take many days off from work. I’m pleasantly surprised to alert you that today is an off day. I woke up at normal time, put air in my tires, got my car cleaned, purchased some random shit from Target, and am now writing a blog post. Why am I taking the day off?  I’ll be heading to AC to gamble away my life savings. All in on red.

All has been going quite well I might add. The bowling team had a 4-0 sweep against the top scoring average team as the Weens beasted a 660 something series. I also put up a 550+ series at Hi Spots which is by far my best to date at that house. I haven’t been betting on sports which I can say I hardly miss. My fantasy teams have all gone to shit and I’m about ready to throw in the towel on a lackluster season. That’s the breaks.

pqyavqpI’ve also been happy with this website. I direct your attention to Boner Material and these pages. I personally think they’re tremendous and it demonstrates the ability to create pages that work well together using sliders. Obviously it’s not my proudest achievement that I have to use female celebrities to attract attention but there’s a bigger picture behind the work. I just don’t know what it is. NSFW.

That’s a quick life update but it’s all trending in the right direction.

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