rt_trumppresident_2_19_jackieThis is a what a democracy looks like. All the butt hurt democrats who can’t believe that Trump won, and flock to Facebook to complain that they can’t believe this is happening should realize that the people have spoken. You may not agree with the decision, but you should accept it.

Read an example of this genius from the New Yorker and the article he wrote asking what Trump is even doing in Michigan and Wisconsin. This. This. This is what I love. I was Skankhunt42’ing this guy last night by the way. If you don’t get that reference, for god sake start watching South Park. We are going to get 4 more years of Mr. Garrison as TRUMP!

rawI’m actually in glee and it’s not because Trump is the President, but it’s because all the Democrats were flat out wrong. When the Vegas odds have a candidate at -400, then moves to -1500, and ends up losing by a fairly wide margin, the underdog gets to feel some feeling of amazement. Their smear campaigned failed miserably and the public wanted to change the current political structure. If you can’t get that through your head, and you think that it’s because people WANT Trump, it’s more because they don’t want Hillary. The “uneducated” people showed that the Democratic candidate and the current regime are not the popular opinion.


No more Partying in the USA!

There’s actually a lot of good news that goes along with Trump winning. These celebrities said they weren’t going to live in the USA:
Miley Cyrus
Amy Schumer
Lena Dunham
Jon Stewart
Whoopi Goldberg
Neve Cambpell
George Lopez

Good Riddance! Your country built you up and now you have to find some allegiance in the Middle East where I’m sure you’ll like their President just as much. Ta-Ta. Ciao. Au Revoir. BON VOYAGE!