I’m using this blog as a formal invitation to Ian and Steve Mcgrath. The McGraths believe they can beat my brother (sam) and I in 2v2 bball. I would like to set up a best of 3 series up to either 11 or 21 (1’s to 11 or 1’s and 2’s to 21). I will accept bets from either McGrath up to 20 dollars and wagers from any other party up to a maximum of 100 dollars (total not each person). Understand I’m playing with my brother who was a 2 quarter intramural player his entire career. He may have improved, I’m not really sure. I can already envision Big Steve banking in 3’s saying how he meant to do that. I’m confident in this challenge and even though we give up size, which is big in smaller games, I believe we will prevail. I just want to make mention if Big Steve crosses the 20 foul limit in the game, it’s a forfeit. For what it’s worth, I will also play for a case of beer of the winner’s choice and then drink it afterward.

Another McGrath challenge. Ian, I whooped you in Phil’s 5k last year. I really don’t see any reason why I won’t again. You ran all year long and your still gonna get a good view of my back as I cross the finish line. The one year I challenged Jeff to see who would win and the loser had to shave his head. Naturally I dominated and he pussed out of the bet. I’m sure if he could go back in time he would have manned up as he will always have to live with wimping out of a bet. Nevertheless, I will think of something in the next coming days to race for. This obviously not smart by me as I’m motivating you but I really don’t think it will matter. I just ran a sub 5 mile in regular shoes and fair weather by myself on the track. And don’t forget my 60:17 time in the Broad Street this past May. You may think I’m being childish challenging a high school kid but if what fun is it if you don’t compete for something?

Finally, I will issue a 3rd challenge which I’m not as confident in but will issue it anyway. My brother (jeff) and I will challenge Steve and Ed (sr or jr) to a case race. I’ve seen Steve and Ed in action and no they are no slouches but I think we have what it takes. I will accept no bets but just the bragging rights to the better drinking family.

That is all that I have. I know they are down the shore and probably won’t read this so if someone does read this and will see them, send them this link. Hopefully we can make this happen before Steve goes back to school. I plan on seeing him this Thursday if all else fails.