A nice week so far. Let’s review.


Vikings D is legit


1-2-1 for -2 units for the week. My teaser was off as I picked 3 teams winning outright and 2 getting blown out. Vikings are legit as expected and the Rams offense is too difficult to trust. No real harm done though. -12 on the season.


Another really solid week which is nice to turn in. I entered $119 and took out $225. This is a +106 week adding to the +29 season total for a +135. Combine that with the bets, and I’m virtually even through 5 weeks.


29766e2a37e979b18d18c428ff9c5aba_xlI’ve started to utilize a non-sheeple approach and instead of using the advice of the “pros”, I’ve been combining that with my own intuition. Not going below 158 for a lineup will probably be the best I have all year. I had TY Hilton in 5 of 7 lineups and sprinkled in some Sammie Coates and B Marsh which was really solid. I made a few mistakes this week (Zach Ertz, Terrelle Pryor, Isiah Crowell, Robert Woods) which never had me really firing on all cylinders but I was good enough for the leagues I was in. I made a great play removing Steve Smith from all lineups after the wind talk and also fading Legarrette Blount. I missed cashing in the Million by .3 points on the 2nd lineup which sucked because it would have added another 30 bucks.

Fantasy Football

fantasy-football-logic-reality-4Wild Turkeys – Playing my little brother and it’s looking the big brother is showing his strength. I made a mistake playing Golden Tate over Ryan Mathews but unless Graham Gano outscores Greg Olsen by 8 points, this is a W. 2-3 ain’t bad.
Big Johnsons – Big blunder playing Rashad Jennings over Theo Riddick (complete oversight) but it didn’t matter as my opponent didn’t even set his lineup and only scored 61 pts as I put up 109 with Theo Riddick on the bench. Moving to 4-1.
Jameis Has Crabs – A potential loss if Kelvin Benjamin puts up more than 9 points. I scored 113 and had my most optimal lineup so I can’t really feel bad if I lose. 3-2 most likely but 4-1 is possible.

Pigskin Pick em

A 4 spot going into the Monday night game is not good. In fact it’s horrible. I was all over the place with my picks and have fallen back to 3rd place and back 6 games which is a decent amount.

I’m in 2nd place in the Softerware pool but back 4 games.