My apologies for coming out with a late football post but I’ve been busy pretty much bowling. Onwards.


image-500x400Houston, we have a problem. I was up 3.3 units the last time I updated. I am now down -10. A 4 unit Giants bet went south and then I put 4 units on the Baltimore Orioles. This left me with an AI 6 unit plunge on Madison Bumgardner and I was rejuvenated. However this was not to last after a 5 unit 49ers bet, followed by a 5 unit San Francisco Giants bet. I had to re-deposit 10 unit back into the account. Current record: NFL – 9-10, +1 unit, CFB 3-5 -2 units, MLB 1-2 -4 units. With the juice It adds up to -10. From the record, please don’t follow my picks, just know what I’m doing and why I’m doing it.

1pm Teaser – 2 units to win 6.5 – I’m adding points to all the teams getting nice point totals and hoping they don’t get blown out. This is the Lions +11, Browns +18, Redskins +11, Titans +10.5, Jets +16. Adding points to the home teams seems pretty obvious to me with the Browns and Lions. The Skins, Jets, and Titans games just feel like they will be close to me.

Vikings -7 – 4 units – I tend follow what happens a bit too closely perhaps but the Vikings defense seems other worldly. They shut down OBJ and Eli looked like a college QB. Take that thought that defense wins games and I’m not worried that much about Bradford and the rest of the shaky offense. Houston looked god awful against the Patriots and have beat some mediocre teams to be 3-1 (Bears, Titans, and the questionable Chiefs). Call me the public on this one.

Rams +2 – 4 units – I love, love, love the Rams defense. I can’t stress that enough because Aaron Donald is the best DL in the league and their secondary is legit. Sure Case Keenum is a goof but Gurley will get back on track. To add that they are getting 2 points at home. Back up the truck.


After a nice DraftKings week last week I set myself up with a little more ammo for this week. I was really big on Steve Smith until these winds started popping up. I also think it’s ludicrous not to have LeVeon Bell in your lineup. I got him in 3 of the 6 but he’s an expensive guy and there are a ton of other possibilities. I’ve targeted OBJ, TY Hilton, and Brandon Marshall as all having big weeks. In the TE spot I think it’s either Zach Ertz or Zach Miller. Vikings, Rams, or Pats D.

Fantasy Football

bd5c1c538a3e2a936940eb16c8a9e065Wild Turkeys – In a must need week against little bro, the Turkeys got a boost start from DJ’s 32 points. Tough decision on Ryan Mathews or Golden Tate but I think I’ll be hoping for a Golden bounce back. Sam is rolling out a lineup that looks like my DK team with OBJ and B Marsh. This one may get close.

Big Johnson’s – Also getting the big game from DJ but I blew it with a John Brown play. I should have realized that without Carson playing, his 14 targets the prior week meant nothing. I’m projected to win but my opponent has an empty roster spot. Let’s see if he fills it in within the next 2+ hours.

shocked-womanJameis Has Crabs – Just a really strong team with Freeman, McCoy, Matthews, Crabtree, Reed, and Jordan Howard. I do not see a loss this week up against a Carson Wentz led team.