The Corporate influence is real at Barstool Sports. Here is an article written by Business Insider about the current workings inside the company.


Pres and Erika Nardini

It’s one thing to be paid to write an article about Barstool and it’s another to have been following it for years and write about the changes taking place. Here’s what I’ve noticed:

  • myeyess

    A Case of Eye Herpes

    There are more comments in the comment section and they are getting more upvotes – I like to pay attention to what writers get the most comments. Big Pres articles would get over 100. Shitty writers will get around 10. Pres’s recent post about his eye herpes received 118 and the top comment, “The 80 mg of adderal xr everyday can’t be helping” received 379 upvotes. These are huge increases from past months which means the growth from corporate dollars is happening.

  • 12-07-16-1More money leads to more eyeballs –When Portnoy showed his video of watching KFC’s heart get ripped out ala Ralph Wiggum, there were over 240k people watching. That number seems huge to me because it’s only a live feed of “couch” Clancy watching a baseball game.
  • Traffic is Up – In the last 5 years the site has grown from 1.4 million unique readers monthly to 8 million as of January, and was reportedly valued at $10 million to $15 million in the stake sale. I’m curious to see their visitors over the past month. This also means that every monthly viewer is worth .12 cents. is worth $360 dollars.
  • Who listens to these Podcasts? There’s Pardon My Take. The Rundown. KFC Radio. Mailtime. I certainly don’t but they seem to be ranking pretty high so people must be. Seems like a waste of time to me.
  • a93afcaf76729cb1One bite. Everyone knows the rules.
  • Outdated Posts – Can they please stop with the Wake Up With, Smokeshow of the day, and Guess that… Worst type of posts which have been played out years and years ago.
  • Too Many Employees – I’ve stopped caring about most of the writers because there are so many of them.
  • Too Much Merch – This is the weirdest piece of merchandise I’ve ever seen.


This is 11 from Stranger Things who is probably 12 years old. Their target audience is males between the ages of 18-35. No 18-35 year old should be wearing a shirt with a 12 year old girl. So, so, so creepy.

Finals Thoughts

I still check it often and read what I want. I care less than I did before because other people are caring more. I see people who never knew Barstool existed posting Barstool Sports videos on Facebook and sort of cringe with how fast they are growing and the mainstream mediums they are reaching. I wish the company as much luck as possible but they are the definition of selling out and these types of situations tend to implode due to greed and egos. We’ll wait and see.