The pictures are unable to write to the disk so I’m hoping this problem fixes itself. Until then, there will be no pictures.


lindsey-duke-hotI can’t really explain it but I didn’t make a single bet this weekend on Saturday or Sunday. I bet 1.8 units on Washington on Friday night which hit. I was going to bet on Clemson because the Shee told me to on Saturday and just never got around to it. Then on Sunday I woke up at 9:38 which was after my Jags pick and then at a family function which took me past the start of the 1pm games. By the 4pm games I was pretty drunk and didn’t / couldn’t place a bet. As such, I stay at 9-8, +11 units for NFL and 3-5, -2 units for CFB. +3.3 units with the juice.


stevesmith1This was one of those weeks where I wish I had more money in Draftkings. I only entered 4 lineups but they all cashed and I was pretty hot with all my players. My most impressive lineup scored 213.52 pts and would have placed in 142 place out of 256,000 for a $600 cash if it was in the Sunday Million. Instead I had it in a $20, 5 person tourney where I raped Condia. I also placed 582 out of  64k in the $9 Slant which was a 6x cash. This week put me in the black after 4 weeks of the season at +29 dollars after being down 80. Hopefully this will boost my credibility and I can keep the train rolling into next week as I begin to enter more lineups.

Fantasy Football

Wild Turkey’s – The Turkeys can’t catch a break. This is how fantasy football plays out sometimes but I went up a team who rocked me with 142 and my 110 projection isn’t going to get it done. I have a team problem with Willie Snead being hurt, and Alshon and Golden Tate just flat out sucking.  Sitting at 1-3 is not a good look but I’m hoping the luck will turn around.

Big Johnson’s – The Big Johnson’s got a cake match-up with the other team putting up 57 pts. I only needed 95 the team was pretty solid all around to move to 3-1.

Jameis Has Crabs – Acting as the most dominant team in the league for another straight week has me at 3-1.  Benching Forte for Jordan Howard this week is what good GM’s are made of.


Eliminator & PigSkin Pickem

For the 2nd straight year I was eliminated with an Arizona Cardinals pick against the St. Louis Rams. Same exact week, same exact results as last year.

I went 7-7 ATS this week which has me holding on to a 1 point lead over 2nd place. I managed to pick 10 correct in the Softerware Pickem where I am now in 2nd place and 3 behind the leader.