After a rough last week I started off this one nicely with a 4 unit win with the Bengals. I am now 9-8, +11 units on the NFL. Still 2-5, -3.5 units in CFB. Up 1.8 units total with the juice. Bankroll is a bit limited after last week so we have to scale back a bit and see how it plays out.

LIndsay was bad luck last week but I think we'll do better this one.

LIndsay was bad luck last week but I think we’ll do better this one.

Jags +3, 3 units – This isn’t a home game for the Jaguars as it is being played in London which is a bit odd on the website. I’ve seen both sides picked by “experts”, and I’m leaning towards the Colts here. So why pick the Jags? Because any idiot who sees this game has to think the Colts will dominate the 0-3 Jaguars. The Colts got away with a squeaker last week and the Jags played the Ravens tough. I didn’t see either game  but this is a 9:30 AM game and act like I’m not going to bet on it.

49ers +3, 3 units – Sam made mention of this game to me and said Colin Cowherd pointed it out as an obvious public play (as in everyone will be on America’s team). These are generally sure things. I’ve come to know that when you think it’s too easy, it usually is.


-$80 for the season is certainly not where I want to play from but I can’t feel down about it. As Gourlay says, you gotta keep gambling until you win it all back. This week I don’t want to miss out on the Steelers home action. I think there are a lot of undervalued plays. I may go with Terrell Pryor in every lineup once the day starts. You can’t not play a guy who plays every position, and well at that. Everyone is on Melvin Gordon which frightens me a little. Hunter Henry and Zach Miller seem like the best value plays. Blount and Jordon Howard are also too cheap to pass up on.


Fantasy Football

timbradyWild Turkey’s – Starting in the hole for the 3rd consecutive week after Thursday night football sucks. First it was Decker, then Blount, now Green and Nugent. Another uphill climb being projected to lose by 17 before the Sunday games even start. I’m pretty pleased with my team with Jeffrey, Snead, DJ, McCoy, Olsen, and a choice between Steve Smith or Golden Tate. My special teams plays of Tucker and Vikiings are fire as well. I’m up against Yeldon, Floyd and Julius Thomas so I have no clue how I’m projected to lose by so many. Against Brees as Q which I don’t love.

Big Johnson’s – Projected to win by 6 after TNF and I see a W in the future. Maclin, DJ, Freeman, Reed, and Snead should be enough fire power with no horrible matchups. I have to fade OBJ and Forte who both have tough matchups. Brees away should also help.

screen-shot-2013-10-17-at-10-06-33-amJameis Has Crabs – I was mulling over trading Forte for B Marsh or packaging for Dez and another player and decided not to pull the trigger. I’m going to play Jameis over Eli which may be nuts against Denver, but Eli is no cake walk against the Vikings. Jameis will be forced to throw which I like. I’ll be playing Jordan Howard over Matt Forte who gets a tough match against Seattle. Freeman, McCoy, Crabtree, Shepard, and Reed make up the remainder of the roster. I’m up against LeVeon and Gordon which is unfortunate.


I’ll be playing the Cardinals this week. Home game against the oddball Rams who I know are a tough team to play. I don’t see the Cardinals going 1-3 so I’ll cross my fingers.