I received this comment the other night:

2016-07-18-stranger-things02Hey Tom,
 I watched Stranger Things based on your review in your blog.  I enjoyed it. I thought El’s character was mesmerizing, and liked the entire cast overall.  I already liked the idea of parallel universes going into it too, so that was cool.  Just thought you might like to get some good feedback on one of your posts from a while back.  Thanks for the recommendation


I enjoy receiving comments like this. This blog has been around since April ’09 and I’ve had various intentions over the years. To start, the blog was to my immediate friends. Then I intentionally started creating posts that I thought would do well from a traffic standpoint. Next I made an effort to actively get anyone and everyone reading the blog to comment. Now I don’t give a shit who comments and I’ll write for me. I always welcome comments but I’ve stop pandering to an audience because it’s not worth it.  However, when someone recognizes the quality of what I’m posting, that’s the sole purpose of what I’m going for.


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Do I publish shitty posts? Of course. I recognize that most of you don’t care about my bowling league. I know that you probably don’t care what place I’m in my Fantasy Football league. I don’t expect people to comment on these types of posts. This is why my blog is my blog.

Do you know many people maintain personal websites? I’d guess less than 1% of the population. There’s no money in it. It’s a lot of work. Hardly anyone recognizes the work and there’s not a lot of reason to do it. I’ll continue to post about anything and everything and if once in a blue moon you decide to let me know that you liked what I wrote, that’ll keep me doing it. Thanks.