Props to the Shee for his 2nd consecutive entry into the blog. Shee came out with CK4 and I for Mad River Thursday and naturally it was a pretty good time. There were a couple highlights to my night. The first one was when Shee and I got some Mind Erasers and he was macking it with this Jager girl. So I’m standing there watching him spit game to this girl patiently waiting to do this mind eraser and he’s yapping his head off. So it got to the point where I just did the mind eraser by myself. Shee made it clear to me that you can’t just stand there on the dance floor and you have to bust out some moves to get the sluts. I was implementing the shoulder shrug and Shee said he was leaving me as a wingman if I did the Barkley backdown to girls. I thought I had a connection with this one bartender but when I ordered 2 mind erasers and 2 bud lights and she charged me 20 bucks, I obviously left no tip. Get with the fucking program bartenders, charge the customers less money and they’ll tip you more. Ck4 naturally had the drunkest girl in the bar clinging to him at one point. I’m not sure what you do with a girl that drunk but I really liked her glasses. There’s something sexy about a particular type of frames that makes almost any girl attractive to me. Not to me but for me. All girls are attracted to me. When I got home I noticed the Shee had brought the couch into my bedroom to share the space heater which was a bit bizarre. No homo. We set off the fire alarm at one point because we were cooking something and I just ripped the alarm out of its socket to shut it up. I don’t know what it is but there’s something funny about Thursday nights that makes it a must go out night of the week for me. I just have a really fun time. People like being mentioned in my blog so if you’re one of us then roll with us. Thank you Ke$ha.